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  Beyerdynamic MPS 67 SW  
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Краткое описание Beyerdynamic MPS 67 SW

настольный конденсаторный микрофон, (полу-кард.), част. Диапазон 60 - 20000Hz, ном. cопротивление 180 Ohm, чувствительность 14 mV/Pa, фантомное питание 15 - 48 V, с кнопкой ON/OFF, микропр.упр., каб.MVK SF/3-C/3 - теле-,видео-конф.,круг.стол

Технические характеристики Beyerdynamic MPS 67 SW
Transducer type Condenser (back electret)
Operating principle Pressure gradient
Polar pattern Semi-cardioid
Open circuit voltage at 1 kHz (0dB = 1V/Pa) 14 mV/Pa ≡ -37 dBV
Nominal impedance 180 Ω
Load impedance ≥ 1000 Ω
Connector Switchcraft Tini Q-G mini-plug TB3M
Length (L x W x H) 105 x 76 x 25 mm
Weight without cable 140 g
Frequency response 60 - 20,000 Hz
Max. SPL at 1 kHz 121 dB
S/N ratio rel. to 1 Pa 60 dB
A-weighted equivalent SPL 26 dB
Power supply 15 - 48 V phantom power
Current consumption approx. 5.6 mA
Variant MPC 67 RC SW



Condenser boundary microphone (semi-cardioid)
microprocessor controlled
with cable MVK SF/3-C/3

- ?Intelligent? acoustical boundary microphone
- ON/OFF, PTT and PTM function
- RISC-µC controlled
- LED-indicator
- Half-cardioid polar pattern
- Flat, wide frequency response
- Switchable frequency response correction
- High-gain-before-feedback

The MPC 67 is an acoustical boundary microphone with many different functions accomodated in a small, unobtrusive housing. Depending on the application, you can choose between three operating modes: On/Off, Push To Talk and Push To Mute. Furthermore, the frequency response can be tailored for use in three modes: linear, 80 Hz bass roll off, 180 Hz
bass roll off. The MPC 67 is switched on and off with a noiseless film button. An LED indicator shows the ready-to-talk status. The different functions are controlled by an 8 bit micro controller. Due to its unobtrusive design, the MPC 67 is ideal for tele/video conferencing, round table discussions or distance learning. The MPC 67 RC is available with a remote control: the microphone can be activated by an external switch and an external device (e.g. video camera) can be triggered by a MOSFET output.