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  Beyerdynamic M 59  
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Краткое описание Beyerdynamic M 59

многоцелевой гиперкардиоидный динамический микрофон, част. диапазон 50 - 16000Hz, ном. cопротивление 280 Ohm, чувствительность 3 mV/Pa ( Вокал, интервью)

Технические характеристики Beyerdynamic M 59



The M 59 is a rugged, vocal quality dynamic microphone employing enhanced-field magnet technology designed to withstand the critical demands of in-studio or on-location ENG/EFP speech and interview applications. The microphone?s low mass, large diaphragm Macrolon element and hypercardioid polar pattern provides very fast transient response, high output, high sensitivity, with startlingly accurate reproduction of the sound source while also providing excellent off-axis rejection. Each M 59 incorporates a sophisticated internal shock-mount isolation system designed to reduce stand, boom, or handheld noise and vibration.
Its durable construction and non-glare finish will provide consistent protection against the rigors of on-air and on-location ENG/EFP production applications. The M 59 also encorporates an internal multistage blast filter designed to reduce undesirable wind or pop noise. An optional WS 59 large cell wind screen is also available and recommended for on-air, voice-over and other close talking applications. The M 59 is designed to meet the critical demands of studio on-the-air or studio voice-overs while also meeting the rigors of on-location ENG/EFP news. Due to its high gain-before-feedback the M 59 is ideal for lecterns or miking of wind instruments. The M 59 can be used on a stand, boom, gooseneck, or as a handheld microphone.


Hypercardioid polar pattern
Fast transient response for increased sonic accuracy
Tailored frequency response for rich, crisp sound noise
Low mass, large diaphragm
Enhanced-Field Rare Earth Magnet for high output and sensitivity
Non-glare finish
Internal shockmount reduces handling

M 59, dynamic directional microphone
Order ID: 415.677

M 59 S, dynamic directional microphone, with On/Off switch
Order ID: 415.669

Transducer type Dynamic
Operating principle Pressure gradient
Frequency response (distant miking) 50 - 16,000 Hz
Polar pattern Hypercardioid
Side attenuation > 25 dB at 110°
Open circuit voltage at 1 kHz (0dB = 1V/Pa) 3.0 mV/Pa ± 1.5 dB ≡ -50 dBV
Magnetic field suspension >20 dB at 50 Hz
Nominal impedance 280 Ω
Diaphragm Macrolon®
Case/finish Aluminium
Connector 3-pin XLR
Length 205 mm
Shaft diameter 24/32 mm
Head diameter 50.5 mm
Weight without cable 227 g